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10 Reasons Why Designing Is Crucial For Your Business

You have thought of it many a times for sure, if you must invest in graphic designing or approach a designer. We’d say, yes investing in designing is crucial. Here’s why. We humans are wired to remember images better.

Just pause and think of your friends or business associates. What comes to your mind? Maybe it is their face, their hair, or eye brows. Try harder, and maybe you’re reminded of their voices.

We associate images with each and everything. This is even more so true with brands and businesses. Investing in designing can offer a lot to your business. Let’s dive in and look at how graphic designing, and design in the broader sense, helps in building a brand and establish brand loyalty.


1. Design is the Sign of First Impression


Think of the first time you came across a product or a service. How did you get to know about it? Maybe you saw the product in a convenient store or checked out the website, isn’t it? It would definitely have made you feel a certain way, which surely would have created a lasting impression in you about the brand.

It is the same with your customers too. Even before they get on a cold call with you, they would have done some preliminary research on your website and the first thing they would have noticed is the design. Design is bound to create impressions. Great design creates great first impression.


2. Importance of Design for Landing Page and Other Website Pages


As mentioned previously, most customers check your business for the first time, by visiting your website. Therefore, the landing page of your website is like the sales person for your business. It is crucial that the landing page convinces your prospect for business. Captivating designs and layout make this process easier. An elegant design takes into account the attention span of the visitors, the messaging to be conveyed, and the direction in which a visitor has to be led to in the decision making process.

The next page that most visitors look for is the About Us page. Of course the content on this page creates an impression on the visitors. But a complementing design that conveys the tone of your team, helps the visitor build conviction which then convinces them to reach out to you. Creative designing companies take into account all of these elements and design the website accordingly.


3. Consistent Design Elements Builds Customer Trust


Shapes and colours influence the way we feel. Think of some of the movies you have watched. If you observe closely, you would realize that along with the background music, there are certain colours specifically used to create a specific mood.

Likewise, if you choose the most suitable colours and design elements; it can instil trust in your customers. The other major factor in building customer trust is design consistency across communication verticals. Developing a brand guideline comes in handy in maintaining consistent design elements. It establishes the codes for designing.


4. Logo Designing as an Element for Branding


Images speak more than words. Now, consider a brand logo. A logo must convey the entire culture and the purpose of a brand.

As a start up or a business trying to establish yourself in the market, it is vital to invest in professional graphic designers to get the logo designed. Of course, building your brand identity isn’t everything just about the logo. However, the choice and feel of the design adds to the way your brand is perceived.

With the help of graphic design companies, you can be rest assured as once the logo is developed, it is tested against different backgrounds, so that it has a clear appearance wherever it is used.


5. Designing Type Faces


Typeface and fonts are as important as the logo. Normally, we don’t focus as much about the types of fonts used.

Pause for a moment and think of a few brands like Adidas, Dominoes, or Spotify. Along with a good logo, these brands have their own brand logo fonts: Adidas, ITC Avant Grade; Domino’s, Futura PT; and Spotify, Proxima Nova for desktop and web applications.

There are of course many free fonts available online that can be used for your brand. But in order to create a lasting impression with your customers, getting a custom font designed helps you gain a unique position amidst your customers.


6. Right Design Elements Complement Content


The way you craft a message reflects your brand. There are two main elements of messaging: Content and Design.

While an experienced copywriter helps you craft the right content, it takes an experienced designer to complement the content. If the messaging is stuffed with content, it distracts the reader. On the other hand, if the visual image dominates the copy, conveying a different message, it again adds to distraction.


7. Package Designing Influences Product Purchase


If you’re a product based business, package designing becomes crucial. A good packaging design has the ability to change the way your product is perceived. Whatever meets the eye influences whatever is decided. A good package design keeps in mind the purpose of the product and user perception.

For instance, if your competitor sells a similar product at the same price and that both of your products are placed next to each other, could you guess which product the customer would go for? Undoubtedly, it would be the product which has a better packaging design. This is the reason why many established product based businesses choose to invest in package designing.


8. The Role of Graphic Designs for Marketing Collaterals


Look at your marketing collaterals as your representative. Now if you send one of your employees for an on-site client interaction, you ensure that your employee is dressed in a presentable manner, isn’t it?

Likewise, it is important to ensure that your marketing collaterals are designed in a specific manner that aligns with the design formats across the funnel. The brand guidelines and the design codes come in handy for this. Usually, the marketing collaterals of a company include brochures, fliers, business cards, and proposals.
On the outset, it does convey the information about your business. However, as a medium of visual cue, the design for marketing collaterals convey the tone, consistency, and uniformity as a brand.


9. Graphic Designing For Social Media Collaterals


Social media has changed the way marketing is done. We now have businesses using social media platforms actively.

Just about six-seven years ago, Instagram was thought of as a platform to share personal photos with friends and family. Fast forward to today, the purpose is far beyond that.

Most businesses are active than ever before on platforms like Instagram today. Also, social media platforms are known for trends. If there is something that trends and you meet with the perfect design and content, you have an entire customer base for you.

With such an opportunity on social media, graphic designing for social media becomes important. It helps the audience remember your brand clearly. And that is the most important thing in the marketing funnel, being able to remember and recall your brand whenever a purchase decision is to be made. A design that is in line with the brand guidelines, succinct, and attention grabbing; can have a great impact on your audience.

With professional graphic designing services you may want to play around with the normal experience of the user in order to make the experience more memorable.


10. Graphic Designing For Ad Campaigns


The best thing about running ad campaigns is the hope of getting leads and conversions. Now, if we break the process into small chunks, graphic designing also becomes a valuable contributor.

Think of your favourite advertisement of any form. What grabbed your attention? The ability of the advertisement to convey the information quickly, isn’t it? What better way can there be than using visual cues to communicate the ads?

A clear design that conveys the message quickly is a catalyst for your customers to purchase your product or subscribe to your service. Clarity is essential in order to make that purchase decision.


Here’s Why Designing is Often Overlooked


The best designs are the easiest to experience as a user and hard to notice. This often gives an impression that graphic designing is just an element that involves placing pictures and images as one wishes.

However, this is farther from the truth. Graphic designing, or designing in general, is a crucial part of crafting the messaging. Just like content, it helps in developing narratives and powerful stories about your business. This in-turn helps build a strong community of potential customers. In the broader sense, design per se is something that helps people take quick decisions and convert prospective leads into conversions thus increasing the sales.

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