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5 Tips to Boost Your Quora Presence

Asking meaningful questions has driven the human race on the path of progress. In your childhood, you might have asked lots of questions.

The questions we ask now are different and require a different platform to answer. If you are skilled at something, you could provide answers too.
Quora is a forum for questions and answers. People post questions on the challenges that they face in their professional world (sometimes even personal). Basically, people are here to find solutions to their problems.

Now, you might be thinking about how to offer a solution. It is simple, what do people seek you out for? Check if there is a relevant question online and try answering that. Did you know providing meaningful answers would help you grow your business?

How would that help your business you wonder? Well, read the article further to know more.

These days a lot of businesses are using Quora. If you have a business, you must Quora. Quora is a great platform to increase your sales. This does not mean we become salespeople on Quora. You would not really like a salesperson disturbing you, isn’t it?

Here are some tips on how to be a Quora pro.


1) The Quora Mantra


Know your reason for using Quora. Having a strong and well-defined purpose helps you stand out from the crowd and offer unique solutions. A goal simply optimizes your efforts. Write down your goals. You might want to be on Quora for the following reasons:
  • Generate more content ideas for your blog
  • Work on question and answers addressing a specific pain point
  • Build your knowledge about your niche
  • Drive organic sales or traffic to your site
  • You might even want to collaborate with other people on Quora

Do you notice, the purpose of all these goals is to engage people in meaningful conversation and build a reputation amongst each other?

Quora is not a shortcut solution to push your business or product.


2) Write Niche Specific Answers


Answer questions that are relevant to your business. Note down keywords related to your niche. Google questions including these keywords. Chances are that the first three results are usually from Quora.

Explore these questions and add your answers to them. Remember people are here to gain more knowledge to solve their problems. You may also include links to external sources of information if it is relevant. Include the link within the text.

You may include phrases like “for more information on ‘concept’ check this article.” You could use similar phrases to even link back to your site.

Do not just drive your readers to your site as that is not the point. The algorithms of Quora can easily recognize spamming. Avoid spamming at all costs.


3) Try and Address The Pain Point


The primary purpose of a business is to address a pain point. Sales and other aspects come later. As a writer on Quora, recognize the pain point of the people.

Observe the number of people asking a particular question and notice the number of answers and the views of those answers. This should give you a fair idea.

If a question has few answers and is inactive for long, it simply means that the problem is addressed. On the other hand, if a question has many followers and views in spite of a couple of answers, this is your cue.

Don’t be put down by the number of answers that are already there. Remember, each answer provides a unique perspective, you can provide your own point of view through your answer.

Once you establish yourself with genuine answers, people start following you on Quora.

Quora uses a metric to rank answers


4) Make use of Answer Ranking Metrics


The ‘like’ button on Facebook is great, isn’t it?. Oh, the dopamine rush on seeing a lot of likes is just amazing. Nowadays all social media platforms have something similar to Facebook’s likes.

Quora similarly provides the option to upvote or downvote an answer. The best part is that the more the number of upvotes, the higher would your answer rank.

For instance, an answer that has 200 upvotes ranks higher than an answer that has 20 upvotes. An answer ranks higher if it provides greater value. If you simply copy others or are unclear in your answer, chances are your answer might get downvoted.

Higher upvotes simply mean people trust you and you have a good chance of them becoming your clients. Increasing the readability of your answer is a sure shot way to up the ranking.


5) Keep an Eye on ‘Quora Space’ – The Star Feature


Quora has a feature called Quora Space which is similar to a digital group such as Facebook Groups. This feature lets you do a lot with your Quora account.

Quora spaces are niche-specific. If you are generating quality content on a regular basis, chances are that you might get a request to join these spaces.

You could also create your own Quora space. You could let other readers contribute valuable content. This gives your audience a platform to portray their knowledge and generate content.

Furthermore, you could gradually publish long-form articles that explore a particular issue in depth. Avoid being too wordy or repetitive. Prioritize quality over quantity. The length of your article must portray the extensive knowledge base you possess.

If you develop a genuine follower base, you could also monetize your efforts by applying at the Quora space earning program.

Wrapping It Up

Just with any other social interaction, Quora as a social media platform enables you to connect to people and know more about them. It is exactly similar to knowing a new person in real-time.

You would not arbitrarily sell your products to a person or organization that you meet for the first time right?

You would first get to know about the person’s interest and slowly build a conversation. Over time you gain a deeper connection and as a consequence, you might offer your services to the person.

Similarly building a presence on a platform like Quora takes time and effort. It is an organic process that provides fruits gradually. The tips here might help you get started on Quora. Blocking some time regularly would help you reap benefits.

A digital marketing agency like Sales Sonic precisely helps you build your digital presence, without you having to spend your precious time on building connections in the digital world. We understand that your time is precious for you to nurture your business idea.


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