Google analytics is an application which is developed by Google. As clear from name it helps us analyze certain things. It is a free tool, which uses a JavaScript code to compile information from websites, and is an important aspect for digital marketing companies in Hyderabad. Its basic work is to track all the information about the visitors and how they interact with the website. Google analytics records the visits by the audience views the website, with help of codes. While executing digital marketing campaigns, we need Google analytics to track and measure the performance of the keywordsrequired.

This will determine how well is the keywords implemented and how much it’s useful for the campaign. So, it helps tracking to the digital marketing agency. This will let you know the traffic brought to your website by using keywords, this also tells which keyword brings maximum or minimum traffic i.e. complete details of keywords and related traffic. It gives a lot of information’s which will definitely help you analyze and improve your website. For mobile applications, different coding is

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using Google analytics
    • You can know how your visitors reached your website

All the website uses keywords for SEO, but by using Google analytics you will come to know how your visitors are reaching your website. This way you come to know new and different keywords to reach your website. That is really a big assistance to all the digital marketing agencies. Every websites have only few keywords initially but Google analytics can help you know more of your keywords gradually when keywords start getting listed in the organic list. The digital marketing company in Hyderabad knows how to make best use of Google analytics.

    • It’s absolutely free of cost

Google offers this tool absolutely free of cost for their users, even after being free it provides facilities which many paid tools can’t give. Its functionality is better than lot other similar tools. So, it is the best application for digital marketing companies in Hyderabad.

    • Track the clicks

When a customer visits your website, they will click the links of their choice, based on their requirement. Google analytics will help the digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad. , track the links which is most popular among the visitors and which has got maximum clicks. And also tracks whether the traffic is reaching the correct page

    • Audience analysis

Google analytics helps you keep a track of your visitors, it will record all the new visitors and old visitors and can tell you the exact number of visitors coming to your website. Thus, the digital marketing companies can have a detailed track of all their audiences and buyers. It tells you how many customers you have received from each marketing campaign. This way you can analyze your visitors by new and old.

    • Modify the website accordingly

As we know Google analytics gives you complete track of your website, then this gives you an option to make changes in your website as per requirement. This is one of the major benefits for digital marketing company in Hyderabad. By seeing the reports we can know about the areas needed to be tuned. This will ultimately result in the benefits for your company. This can get you more customers in very less times. Google analytics is also allowed to take data or traffic from other web sites also such as yahoo and Bing! For a proper planning of any websites success, Google analytics plays an important role, as, it tracks all the details which are required to analyze and optimize the websites for better SEO.

At Sales Sonic as the best digital marketing company in Hyderabad. we understand and focus on the Google analytics, and optimize our websites accordingly for your best Return of Investment (RoI).

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