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How Does Digital Marketing Help Real Estate?

How Does Digital Marketing Help Real Estate?

These days it is important to have a digital presence no matter what field your business is in. Traditional methods of advertising are slowly turning redundant as people are slowly turning away from the television and newspapers and adapting to the digital world of laptops and mobiles. What is interesting here is that this change is being noticed in people of all ages. This has increased the number of internet-users and opened a world of opportunities for digital marketing for brands of every industry. One of the industries that have benefited greatly with the surge of digital marketing in real estate. 

So how does a digital marketing agency for real estate help real estate? How does it make real estate digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing has an unprecedented reach and is no more restricted to urban cities and it can help real estate in many ways such as:

1.Website creation :

The first step in having a presence in the digital world is to have a website. With a website, the real estate brand can show its different projects. With a proper design, a potential buyer can easily understand the different offerings that the brand has.

Benefits of the website:

website for real estate

  • A one-stop platform where the brand and all its offerings are explained for the promotion of its service
  • Makes the brand accessible at all times
  • Further builds the trust in the minds of the potential buyers
  • Creates a user-friendly experience for the buyer on various devices.

2. Search Engine Optimization :

real estsate seo

National Association of REALTORS® Research Department, about 50% of investors between the age of 37 and 51 found their new home online. But how is that possible? This is possible because of SEO. With right SEO, the real estate brand’s page will rank higher in the search results for the user visiting the page.
A good real estate digital marketing company will create the right strategy to make the page engaging enough by having a proven email funnel and a streamlined website.


  • Improves the PageRank of the website in the search results increasing the footfall on the website.
  • Builds a strong connection with the brand’s audience.

3. Social Media Marketing : 

social media

As a real estate digital marketing agency, it is important to use social media channels in a manner that your end purpose is served. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of real estate enthusiasts actively use social media in some form. This is why it is important for real estate brands to have a promising social media presence.


  • The best place to engage, communicate, promote and connect to the target audience based on their interest, location and behaviour. 
  • Social media gives you the flexibility of engaging in different ways which include stories, images, videos and also send messages and respond to comments in real-time
  • This makes social media a personalised platform

4. Google ads (Search and Display) : 

Google ads for real estate

 As discussed earlier, most of the real estate buyers search for their ideal real estate asset online. This clearly shows a need to have communication in the form of Google AdWords which are the ads that are shown in the Google search results.

Benefits of Google ads :

  • Google Ads increase brand visibility and generate a lot of leads in a short duration and the brand can see all the activities in real-time. Setting the right campaign strategy and doing the right keyword research can go a long way in getting the right leads.
  • AdWords can help the brand track numerous metrics which is of great value for a marketeer because they help you come across great consumer insights.


5. Video marketing :video marketing for real estate 

Video marketing helps the real estate brands to showcase their properties to the potential buyers in the best possible way. It helps in building a stronger connection with your target audience. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a lot of software expertise to get started.


  • Video marketing has proved to be highly successful for real estate brands to get 66% more qualified leads per year, and a 54% increase in brand awareness. 
  • Marketers who employ video marketing grow their revenue 50% faster than those who don’t


 6.Content marketing :

content marketing for real estateContent marketing is a valuable tool to build awareness and leads for real estate brands. Contents such as blog posts when optimised in the right way for search engines can drive organic traffic to the website of the brand saving the brand a lot of money on the paid ads. By further building presence in the social media handles the brand can further build brand awareness. Content marketing is also about keeping the website up to date and making the content as accurate as possible. Long-form content such as e-books and e-mails are also good to lead generation tools.


  • Optimised content generates organic leads
  • Build brand trust and reliability 

7.ORM :

digital marketing orm

ORM in real estate can be used to assess the general sentiments that the audience has towards the brand. It helps to show how people are reacting towards the brand communication. It is a cumulation of messages, comments and other ways in which the audience react to the social media posts. Regular interaction and replying and commenting on the queries by customers will help in staying connected to the target audience. 


  • Over a period of time brands will assess their reputation using the ORM reports.

8. E-mail marketing :email marketing for real estate

E-mail can help reach buyers faster and close many deals. Brands can use this to update potential buyers about the latest updates on offers, new properties etc. At the same time, the brand can share industry knowledge about the recent updates and share tips about things a buyer should take care of before investing in real estate.


  • This will help the brand to stay on top of mind whenever someone’s thinking of buying a home.  

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