Due to the increasing engagement of the audience in the digital world, the need for advertising and marketing on digital platforms is now more than ever. No matter what business you run, you need to be present digitally for your customers.

As more and more advertising goes online, businesses are turning their heads more toward paid ones rather than organic ones. Paid ads are the ones you pay for when you dedicate your dollar/rupee to pay-per-click.

Now, as the internet is becoming a crowded place with more and more paid ads, you strongly need to make sure that your paid ads are worth the money you are spending. But how do you make sure your money isn’t wasted? Well, you need more and more converted leads for that.

Your paid ad would be worth only when a visitor converts with your brand. If you are a business looking for ways to convert your paid ad leads, here is everything you’re looking for. Here are the top 5 ways any business can use to convert its leads for getting the most out of its paid ads.

5 Methods You Can Use For More Conversions

When talking about conversion in business, it can mean so many things. But in the digital world, it can be any desirable action that you want your audience to take online like-

  • Purchase from you.
  • Subscribe to your blogs.
  • Fill a form for your.
  • Email subscription or even a learn more

However, it doesn’t really matter what the term conversion means to your business. Here are the top five true and tested ways for your business to convert paid ad leads and reach your goals faster. So, let’s dig in!

  1. Enroute your leads to a chatbot

As an online business, you need to keep up with technology trends regularly and chatbots have proven to be an effective way. Visit any namely website today and most of them will greet you with an auto-generated message. The chatbot will offer to help and find a product for you.

Chatbots are built on numerous websites today. They also make it easier for both you and the customer in connecting. The best thing about a chatbot is that it can be highly customized and personalized according to your needs.

When a person clicks on your paid ad, you can simply take them to a chatbot instead of a classic webpage. You can then have a personalized conversation with the individual to get the conversion you are looking for. Now, you might have the question- Will chatbots really help you convert?

Well, using chatbots in your paid ads sure is a good idea but it would completely work only when you personalize your chatbot according to your potential customers. A great chatbot should help your customers the same way a human executive would. For this, your chatbot should-

  • Have the tone of your business (whether fun or formal, how do you talk?).
  • Sound conversational.
  • Catch the visitor’s attention in one go.


2. Enroute your leads to a landing page

Landing pages are no new thing in the world of paid ads. Most ads en route their leads to landing pages and it works well too. But the issue occurs when your landing page is not optimized for a paid ad.

When it comes to paid ads, you want a visitor to take a particular action on the landing page. For this, your landing page needs to have selective and good content. Too much content would confuse your visitor and they would end doing nothing.

Moreover, remove distractions and A/B test your landing page before you finalize anything. Take notes of what your user do when they are on your page. This will help you a lot in deciding what and how you can do it.

3. Direct your leads to forms on social media

Most paid ads on social media take people away from scrolling to a whole other browser. You can rather get a form filled by them right there on social media. This will increase your lead conversions and will also give the visitors their comfort.

To increase this kind of conversion, you can do certain things like-

  • Provide special discount coupons to people who complete the action you are asking them to.
  • Host a competition if your brand/company can. This will increase both your conversion and engagement rates with the audience.

4. Take your leads to a purchase page

Taking your interested leads directly to the purchase page not only gives you conversion but also helps you increase your customer base. When a lead is taken to a purchase page, it is more likely for them to actually purchase from you.

Moreover, adopting this method decreases the gap between your visitor and the conversion. So, this idea would totally work if done right.

5. Direct your leads to your blog

Directing leads to your blog will help you convert your leads and also help increase your reader base for the blogs. You might think of blogs as an old technique but it still doesn’t fail at giving results. Your blogs can still play an important role in your marketing strategies if you do it right.

When taking leads to your blog, you can either link a specific blog for every paid ad or can also target a specific part of your blog for the audience. Conversion here can be subscribing to your blog posts, emails or asking for a query.

These were five top ways every business can use to covert its paid ad leads. Now, you may use any one of them at a time or use them all together. But, how do you know that which one is working and which one isn’t?


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