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Digital Marketing is Privacy or Not ?

Digital Marketing is Privacy or Not ?

It is no doubt that digital marketing services have been ruling this world. It has become mandatory to apply for the personal and professional growth of individuals and organizations these days. However, when sharing larger amounts of data on the internet in digital form, privacy issues come into the picture. It ranges from anything right from Google search, to spending time on web pages, general interests, and geographical locations.

To ensure data privacy in digital marketing several laws have been coming up. In the countries like the United Kingdom laws like GDPR were already introduced. It’s all about understanding who uses your data, who has it, why they have it and how long they use it etc.

One example of data privacy in digital marketing is Cookies. In the footer of every website we visit, the system asks us permission to track your following website visit. Once you approve that, all your online behaviors will be shared with the website owners. In this way, the online data of the buyers can be captured online.

Moving ahead, let us differentiate between 1st party data vs 3rd party data.

First-Party Data:

It is a piece of information the company collects directly from its customer base. It is also called 1 P data. It can complement, enhance, and reduce the need for other types of data. In simple words, it gives information about your website users and their actions on your website.

Here, if you are retargeted by an ad from a website that you are familiar with, then that is the first-party data and you have consented to it.

Third-Party Data

It is information collected by companies that don’t have a direct relationship with customers. If you are retargeted by an ad from an unfamiliar and new website then the company that owns the site is advertising using 3rd party data. Here 3rd party data is simply someone else’s first-party data.

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And you should understand that these changes will impact two main areas of digital marketing. They are:


To target your set of audience, you need to reach your new potential customers without access to information about what sites they visited previously. Different platforms allow advertisers to target non-specific users.


It is a more complex process that involves real changes to retain your ability to follow complex user journeys.

Google ads enhanced conversations

“Enhanced conversion is a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy-safe way.”

In simple words, when a customer visited your website, you may receive first-party customer details such as name, email, home address, etc. Enhanced conversations can work when the user enters their data subscriptions, sign-ups, and purchases.

We hope this article has given you a lot of insights into data privacy in digital marketing. If you still have any queries you can approach our digital marketing team who could guide you with the best digital marketing services, and SEO services at their best. Please reach Branding Nuts and discuss your thoughts with us to avail of the best services that suit your business needs and requirements.

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