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The 5 Best AI Writers and Content Generators Compared

We conducted a mini-Turing Test on the best content generators to compare their output on the same subject. Can you identify which author is an AI?

Since the creation of GPT-3 and its release through made AI much more accessible, AI content creation tools are becoming more widely available.

We road-tested five of the best content generators by comparing their output on the same subject to see how good AI writers are.

While evaluating the AI content generators, we conducted our very own mini-Turing test.

Through social media polls, we asked our audience if they could distinguish between content created by machines and people.

Comparison of AI Content Creation Tools We gave each content generator tool; we tested the same subject matter to generate an output of similar length.

1, Writesonic

comes in various pricing plans, from the free version all the way up to the full unlimited plan.
The price of the paid version is reasonable.

The generator’s primary function is to facilitate product descriptions, blog posts, and marketing copy. The generator has a comprehensive set of templates for various types of content and can also provide content ideas and outline

2, Frase
only costs money.
Plans that are cheap, but the credits cost a lot.

The generator does not automatically produce a complete article for content writing; rather, it requires some effort to achieve the desired results. However, the output of the content is of high quality.


The cost of paid plans is very low.
25 dialects offers templates for blogs, ads, sales, websites, social media, and other types of content. In addition, translation into 25 languages is provided by the generator.

4, AI Writer

Free, preliminary, and paid plans.
flagged in checks for plagiarism.

Based on our tests, AI Writer is a user-friendly tool that produces articles in minutes.

5, Hyperwrite

Chrome extension.

Hyperwrite asserts that it employs the most cutting-edge AI generators. It is the only tool that is completely free to use and is one of the most basic tools for creating content.

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