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The 5 top digital marketing trends of 2023

Ready to get stuck in? You’ll need to be if you want to get ahead of the digital marketing game this year. And to help simplify things a little, we’ve broken down the top digital marketing trends that you’ll need to know about in 2023.

  1. Social impact strategy front and center…
    Social causes aren’t a ‘trend’ in digital marketing, but rather a natural result of creating a values-driven brand in today’s world. Social content, graphics, and email topics should all be influenced by and feedback to your social impact strategy.

2. Youth-centered marketing…
With younger generations, it is becoming increasingly important to not feel like they are being sold a product, but rather to feel a part of the experience. If you want to attract this market, create softer, video-based campaigns that appeal to their values with short-form video content with eye-catching visuals. Take the time to frame your brand identity around the tastes of your target audience.

3. Authentic, humanized branded content…
One of the best ways to build brand loyalty in 2023 is to create content that portrays a true, humanlike personality full of humor, vulnerability, honesty, and all the other things we expect from interpersonal relationships. One effective way to create these bonds is by featuring characters or mascots throughout your digital marketing, whether we’re talking video, email, or app designs.

4. Audio-first marketing…
This is because audio-first content can really help promote authenticity in advertising. Whether it’s on a podcast or Tok-tok, hearing the comforting tone and voice of your audience’s favorite influencer as they describe your product means the audience will be more likely to believe in it and trust you as a brand.
So move away from the fleshed-out, word-for-word script adopted by radio advertisers and give your brand partners room to play.

5. Symphonic ads gain steam…
The beauty of symphonic advertising means that you as the brand don’t pick just one backing track for your content that all your users will experience. Instead, you tailor it to fit exactly what the individual wants to hear at the time the ad is played to them. Incredibly personal, this trend is surely the VIP section of digital marketing.

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