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5 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2022

WhatsApp is the most habituated messaging app in the world, winning over WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram by a wide periphery. moment, it’s one of the stylish digital marketing strategies for connecting with your prospects and boosting client engagement.

What’s WhatsApp Marketing and Why do you Need it?

WhatsApp marketing software refers to any software that offers an accessible way for businesses to shoot marketing dispatches to guests and subscribers via WhatsApp. Until recently, WhatsApp had limited marketing functionality on its WhatsApp Business app. That’s why WhatsApp released an API, called WhatsApp Business Platform. It offers advanced business functions, expanding the WhatsApp marketing offer. WhatsApp marketing software differs in the way they handle different types of dispatches, their integration with WhatsApp, and pricing. We’ll explore the top providers to help you choose yours.

Who to Find The Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

There is a plenitude of tools offering WhatsApp bulk messaging software. numerous Three This you have to find in WhatsApp marketing software

* Easy integration via bedded signup – enforcing WhatsApp Business API can be a headache if your WhatsApp marketing tool doesn’t offer native integration

* stoner-friendly crusade creation, confirmation, scheduling, and status monitoring – to justify the investment, an app should also offer features for easy WhatsApp crusade operation.

* No redundant freight for licensing/ setup – a cost-effective result will charge only for dispatches transferred

1, Sendinblue

As a WhatsApp bulk sender, Sendinblue gives you access to the WhatsApp API within its platform. This means you can produce and shoot juggernauts, and manage WhatsApp contact lists without the specialized chops generally needed to work with APIs.


The platform is completely concentrated on WhatsApp, which is both good and bad for its users. However, if you don’t need omnichannel marketing features, you’ll enjoy advanced features for running WhatsApp juggernauts inside the app. However, investing in a devoted result, like WATI, If you need a platform for transferring WhatsApp bulk dispatches sometimes

3, NovoChat

The platform offers integrations with Shopify and EasyStore allowing druggies to promote new products with marketing dispatches. The NovoChat dashboard provides real-time performance criteria, like the number of reads and replied dispatches, aggregate clicks, and profit earned

4, Ameyo

Ameyo is a client experience software offering contact center tools and chatbots. Ameyo is one of the providers of WhatsApp Business API offering druggies to tap into advanced client service and mass marketing.


The platform itself won’t give you WhatsApp API access. You’ll need to get it from one of your WhatsApp mates, like 360dialog. Once you connect your API to account, you can reach your target followership with broadcasts and substantiated dispatches on WhatsApp

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